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Office Renovations Johannesburg I Cape Town

Interior Design and Space Planning

Design your brand new space from scratch

Office space interiors is more than simple aesthetics. Before we begin the design process, the client’s vision and our understanding of their business and brand provides a good foundation to identify the requirements. This forms the basis of our design process. We get to understand your business and operation and what your objectives are. Our experience and in depth knowledge enables us to share ideas and work with you from a professional standpoint to deliver a working environment that best suits your business needs. We ensure the space is utilized as practically, ergonomically and efficiently as possible. We help summarize how a space can be modeled to support your business objectives.

Transform your current space

With the constant change in the workplace, your requirements also change, necessitating a re-designed work space. The need to accommodate additional staff, run out of office space or reached a level of congestion that is uncomfortable and unproductive; it can sometimes be difficult to understand how much space is needed. Whether there is a need to re-evaluate and refurbish your entire office space or part thereof, we work closely with you and in doing so, find solutions to improve productivity by getting maximum benefit out of your existing space. Need to re brand or have a revitalizing face lift we welcome the opportunity to transform your existing work space.

Project Management

Cost control and communication is managed to achieve the best results. When dealing with refurbishment it is potentially very disruptive, our planning, supervision and co-ordination of all activities that go into the construction and installation phase of the project, are carried out in a manner that will ensure the least disruption. Upon commencement of any project, or particular works we remain in communication throughout, maintaining and ensuring quality standards are met.

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Space Assessments

Whether you are staying in your existing space or planning to move to a new swanky office, you need to know what size suits best. Space Planners conduct a detailed space assessment based on the number of staff and their respective roles. We often ask for an organogram of the organization in order to get a holistic idea of who fits in where.


Space Planning

Space planning is a fundamental building block for the interior design of an office space. The space planner conducts an assessment of the best use of your office space and provides you with a number of suitable alternatives to choose from. Once you know how much space you need and have found an office that suits your needs, then the space planning process can begin. It lays out the different areas within the office space that is the best use of the space.


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Interior Design Company

Interior Design

This is the look and feel of the interior of the office space. Let your creative genius out and work closely with the interior designers to figure out what you want your office space to say about you. There are many studies on human behavior in the workplace that you will have access to and be able to apply to your new office space. 


Office Renovations

We have assessed the space, secured our office, planned the ideal space for our staff to operate optimally and now it is time to actually do what we have been talking about. The delivery of a renovated office space that looks and feels like the pictures that were promised upfront. This is where the rubber hits the road. It can also be the most challenging part of any project as there will inevitably be various challenges that occur throughout the project.


Office Renovations
Office Renovations Johannesburg


Procurement is the sourcing of products and services for the implementation of your project. We source the most cost effective products. It sounds simple. And it is. For us. Our team have contacts throughout the property and construction industry that we have established a relationship with over a number of years. These relationships allow us to purchase at huge discounts from retail prices. We pass ALL of these savings on to you.We source products both locally and internationally for all types of clients.


Are you in the market for Commercial Property?

Not only do we offer a Full Turnkey Solution for Office and Industrial Space, we can also help to secure your perfect space. We have a team of qualified Commercial Property Agents working South Africa’s Top Commercial Nodes for the best assortment of prime office and warehouse space.

See how we can help find your ideal Commercial Property in Johannesburg and Cape Town.


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Office Renovations Johannesburg

Office Renovations Johannesburg

Office Renovations Johannesburg

Our company’s values consist of implementing our client’s requirements into our designs creating timeless, unique, bold, organic, stylish, and functional work spaces. At Space Form our design process and construction phase are accomplished by attention to detail, constant communication with our clients, architects, and contractors. Office Renovations Johannesburg

Client satisfaction, honesty in design decisions, practicality, project analysis, and budget allocation is an integral part of each project. We provide our clients with living spaces that emulate a sense of pride. Space Form Interior Designs. Office Renovations Johannesburg

We begin each new project by facilitating the appraisal and definition of the job. We conduct a site survey of each area and thereafter convert such findings in to electronic format. Our capabilities are such that we carry out consultations with clients, landlords, mall management, council as well as engineers to ensure that the program, identity and image requirements are adhered to.

Office Renovations Johannesburg

Our presentations include: proposed floor plans, 3D perspectives and a mood board.