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landlord services

We offer a full re-in-statement service for landlords and property owners

Office Interior Design Services

Making your commercial spaceĀ desirable

We provide a full Reinstatement service for landlords and property owners. You have a long term tenant that has vacated their space, and now you are left with a commercial space that has been fitted out to a clients specific requirements. Often it is difficult for a prospective tenant to visualize an office if the existing fit-out is dated or to unique to a specific tenant.

Your chances of finding a qualified tenant will increase if you strip out the old stuff and “Grey-Box” your space. this means taking out all existing partitions, old carpets and electrical conduits. Give your space a fresh coat of paint, remember to keep in neutral, and lay out some basic carpet tiles. If necessary, give some attention to your lighting. Often by just replacing old and dull lights with new energy saving light fittings, will enhance the overall ambiance of you space.

Install a basic kitchen if possible, as this will help your new tenant to space plan their office around existing features in the office. Lastly give your bathrooms a fresh and modern look. Your new tenant often takes a look at them and gets an overall impression of how your building has been maintained.

Space Form Interiors

We are here to answer any questions you may have and to provide effective solutions to your workplace needs. Contact us for a free consultation